The Trust Factor

Corporate Responsibility – we recognize that our products generate controversy; as such, we do not encourage people to smoke, and we discourage youth smoking. We recognize the risks of smoking and try to reduce them. We are committed to developing reduced-risk products and fostering understanding between smokers and non-smokers, while respecting norms, legislation and cultures around the world.

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The Risks of Smoking

Openness about the risks of smoking: public authorities have determined that smoking causes and/or is a risk factor for a number of diseases. We support efforts to advise smokers accordingly. No one should smoke without being fully informed about the risks of doing so.



Transparency about our product: smokers have the right to know what it is they are smoking. We have an obligation to tell them what we put into our cigarettes.


Risk Reduction

Endeavoring to reduce the risks of smoking: the risks of smoking are well known. We do not believe that those risks can be completely eliminated, but there are ways in which we may be able to reduce them. We are committed to developing reduced-risk products.


Youth Awareness

Youth smoking prevention: minors should not smoke. We all know this. Youth smoking is a societal problem and cannot be solved by us alone. We are committed to playing a full role in stopping minors from smoking, but ultimate success depends on all elements of society working together.


Responsible Smoking

Accommodation between smokers and non-smokers: smoking is annoying to many non-smokers. If people want to smoke they need to show more courtesy to non-smokers. We advocate appropriate separation of smokers and non-smokers. We accept that the burden of responsibility lies with smokers rather than non-smokers.



Respect for local norms and cultures: different societies feel very differently about smoking. In many cases this means extremely tough regulation. We have the right to express our point of view but we ultimately respect the judgment of each individual society. We do not believe that there is a single, global “solution” to the tobacco controversy.

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